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Cleaning up the Navigation (Jetpack Compose)

Prerequisite Basic understanding of Jetpack compose Familiarity with the navigation system of compose Suggested reads Navigating with Compose Navigating in Jetpack Compose Jetpack compose has been out for a while now and so is the navigation system, it’s simple and direct. A simple implementation of navigation would look something like

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AlarmManager for Android Oreo and above

Android is getting mature with every major release and we are heading towards more user-centric and privacy first Operating System. Android Oreo was released back in 2018, one of the major changes were related to background limitations which changed the way most apps would function. It was one of the turning points for android, as a lot of apps were running in the background even without users knowing about it and this also drained a lot of battery, to prevent that from happening to a certain extent the android team came up with this major change.

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